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Running a successful development is not an easy task and it involves many factors. A-Team is the perfect partner for developers or juristic person.
We offer a fully customizable panel of services.
We ensure security, great maintenance, and optimize your visibility. We will set up a plan to reach customer satisfaction and increase the value of the estate.

report iconOur unique reporting system

Communication is often the source of every problem.
For this reason, A-team has created a unique communication system.
We create a private website for the estate. customer is assigned a private page where they will access all their information and reports.
The reports and pictures are done by our managers and supervisors during their daily or weekly visits are uploaded in real-time to this private space.

This is a unique system that enables you (even if you are not on-site) to follow on a daily basis the operation of the services you have paid for.

Another advantage is that everything is recorded with timestamps. This is useful to avoid any misunderstanding and to analyze the past reports to keep improving the services
here are some examples of reports that are in place:

  • Swimming pool maintenance reports and pictures
  • Garden maintenance reports and pictures
  •  Historic of utility bills with monthly graphic and pictures of bills and meters
  • Reports and pictures of additional services such as pest control, maid service, AC cleaning,…
  • Security log with pictures
  • General issues and solutions reports
  • Monthly general feedback and the following month plan
  • Share folder with all quotations and invoices
  • We can custom any other reports on demand

We also create for each estate a common page ony accessible for the members of the community. This page contains all the same reports mentioned above concerning the common area.
On this page you will also find:

  • News about the estate
  • General news and useful information
  •  A calendar with events from the estate and general events in Hua hin
  • information on the staff
  • A discussion board
  • More features can be added on demand
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contractor management iconContractors Management

Running successfully an estate rellies on the work of contractors. Security, garden & pool maintenance, Material maintenance, and others are essential to keep the estate safe and in good condition. If these services aren’t on points the estate will wear down and accidents will happen.

A-team will assist you to select and hire the ideal local contractors for your estate management, depending on your budget and your needs. We will manage the contracts and the invoices. We will then, train them to use oA-Team’s unique reporting system and monitor their performances
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estate inspection iconInspection & Audit

it is no secret that supervision is the key to a job well done. With repetitive work, a “lazy” routine can easily take place and the quality of execution can often slowly get worst.

At A-team, we recognize that follow-up is the most important aspect of estate management. Our staff will conduct weekly audits of all the services.
We will define trackers to evaluate the performances and will do the necessary adjustments to maintain the best standards.
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estate legal management iconLegal Assistance

Our company will provide assistance to the estate or juristic person to make sure that it is managed in accordance with Thai laws and all the estate regulations. We can assist you in attending official meetings and support with explanations and translations.
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accounting service iconEstate management of Billing & Accounting

A-team will keep records of every expense and purchase. We will keep detailed sheets and guarantee complete transparencies.
Depending on the needs we can:

  • check and invoice personal and common utility bills
  • Calculate individual bills based on common fees
  •  make the payment to the authorities on time
  • keep detailed balance statements in case clients deposit money in advance.
  • manage the bills and invoices from contractors
  • We can provide other billing and accounting services on demand
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issue management iconEstate Issues Management

Even with an efficient setup. The life of an estate comes with its daily lot of unexpected issues. The nature of the issues can be material or relational. In both cases, A-team we will work over our head to solve it.
Where you see problems we see solutions.

For material issues, leaks, break downs and other emergencies we will act promptly, suggest the best fix and make sure everything is done without delay and for a competitive price.

For relational issues, A-Team will always adopt a neutral position and act as a middle person to lay down the foundations of a realignment between all parties.

Every issue and solution will be reported and recorded.
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goodies service iconLocal Goodies

Because we want to show our customers that we are doing everything and more to improve their lifestyle.
For each project, we study the area and provide extra custom features that we believe can provide a plus.
Some examples for the estate management in Hua Hin depending on the area are:

  • Breakfast delivery
  • Water, gas bottle, and other products delivery
  •  Discounts and deals with the surrounding restaurants and attractions
  • and more
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