Swimming pool maintenance

Pools are the perfect form of entertainment, relaxation, and family fun. To get the most out of your swimming pool, you must maintain it. Pool cleaning & maintenance includes cleaning, pH testing, water filtration and other forms of pool servicing

With our dedicated service, we can help make your pool water look and feel spectacular every single day of the season so you’ll never miss a moment again! Our communication system will allow you to have realtime feedback on our service. we also provide free check-ups on your material and safety.
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Garden maintenance

At A-Team we understand the importance you give to your garden.
Our trained and supervised team of gardeners will make sure your tropical heaven shines all year long.

We are taking a different approach from other companies by avoiding to use one single person for the maintenance of your garden. instead of seeing that poor gardener with heavy feet wandering around your property for hours, you will be impressed by the efficiency of our dynamic team.
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House cleaning

We provide maid service for one-shot deep cleaning or punctual services.
Our staff is trained to work with a logic system and pay attention to details.
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Water tank cleaning

Have you ever checked the bottom of your water tank? Even with a filter the dirt and bacteria always find their way.
Our team will empty your tank, climb inside, perform a deep clean, and finish by disinfecting the whole surface.
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AC Service

A-Team also specialized in AC services from installation to repair we can provide you with with the best services

  • Air Conditioning Cleaning
  • Air Conditioning Repair  
  • Leak Repair
  • New Air Conditioner Sale and Installation 
  • Topping Up Refrigerant / Chemical Flushing
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Installations repairs/services

Get a handyman when you need one most. Whether you have an emergency situation or need some maintenance work done, we’re here to help. We can also fix your house or swimming pool equipment.
You can contact our emergency 24h line for urgent assistance.
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Pest control

Coming soon