End to end rental management

Many house owners want to be able to get profit from their property. Hua Hin has potential but the market is tough with thousands of options for short or long stay rental. Renting a property is not an easy task and it requires a lot of thinking and time. A-Team is the perfect partner for you to maximize the revenue you can get from your property and manage all the operations.

If you are interested but you don’t have the knowledge and/or the time to take care of all aspects of the process we will provide you with full circle services including all the options listed under. we can also provide you with a custom plan with only the options that you need.
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Rental Strategy and marketing

The first step in renting your property is to put a strategy in place. Nowadays the online market comes first and many factors can put your property on the top of the list or on the bottom. The pictures you use or the editing of the description plays a major role in the decision you choose your property or another one.

The price is also a deciding factor and most of the time people are just applying a fixed price which is a mistake in a seasonal market as Hua Hin. Also, the price has to be linked with the online image of your property a similar property with the same price is more likely to be chosen if the pictures are more attractive and if you have a lot of great comments online.
We can provide you with a real strategy and marketing to make your renting successful.
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Agents management

A-Team can give the visibility your property needs by managing the online and offline agents.
We use a channel manager system to display your property on all the online travel agency (RBNB, Booking.com, Agoda, Trip advisor,…) we will manage all of these for you. Making sure we don’t get overbooking, managing price, and promotions, and respond to potential customer inquiries.

We will also be your representative with the local agents. We can take care of the visits to your property and manage all the communication with them and their customers.
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Check-in Check-out

The check-in and check-out experience plays a crucial role in the guest experience. The human contact they will have will often be the main factor in writing a good comment.
A-Team will keep in touch with the tenants to make sure they arrive safely at your property. we will meet and greet them upon arrival. we will show them the facilities and make sure that the guests have a pleasant experience.
We can check the meters if needed and keep a record, We can handle payments and deposits.
Our team will always give recommendations and do everything for the guest to feel comfortable and to have a great time.
We will then meet them for the check-out. We will check if anything got damaged or if the guest had any problems during the stay. We will settle the bills and return the deposit.
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when renting a property, cleanliness is on the top of the list of complaints. Our team of cleaners will make sure your house is spotless on time for the arrival of your guests. We can also handle the laundry service for you and your guests.
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Customer support

From before they arrive until after they have left the guest will be provided with a 24h line for any inquiries. We will assist them in any trouble with the house or any emergencies. Everything they dream of we can provide for them from a private cook to a petsitter… will also be there if they need recommendations, transport, translation. Finally, we will provide them with a ton of promotions and discounts for all the main activities and dinning from our loyalty program partners. We will go over our heads to make sure that your guests will get the best stay ever.
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